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shiso plant

Perilla frutescens - Perennial/Annual - Culinary          Also known as:  Aoshiso, Green Perilla,  Akashisho, Purple  Perilla, Zi-su-zi,
The leaves of this gorgeous foliage plant have been used in Japanese cooking for hundreds of years as a garnish for tofu, and tempura.  The purple variety (Akashiso or Purple Perilla) is used - fresh or dried - as a food coloring and flavoring for candies .  The flowers are also used as a garnish and seeds are used to flavor umeboshi pickles and as an ingredient in Shichimi (seven spice mix).  The taste is unique - a kind of spicy, citrus flavor.  Medicinally, shiso leaves are used as an antibacterial, expectorant, and to treat colds, food posoning, allergic reactions, and vomiting.  The plant itself is a lovely specimen, growing to 3ft. in height and preferring a well drained soil in a sunny location.  The purple variety is especially attractive, with heart shaped purple leaves with a vague green tint.  It makes an excellent addition to the herb garden or flower bed.  Shiso is a perennial plant in areas where winter temperatures remain above 10F (-17.7C), but even though it is an annual in cooler climates, it reseeds freely and will re-appear year after year.

  Akashiso (Purple Perilla)   Packet of approxmately 100 seeds      $3.00 

  Aoashiso (Green Perilla)  Packet of approximately 100 seeds     $3.00 

  Akashiso (Purple Perilla)  Live Plant      $12.00
Not available to AK,HI,CA,NV,UT,AZ,WA or outside U.S.

  Akashiso (Purple Perilla)  dried leaves 1oz      $8.95 

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