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HELP / Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get questions answered?

First, look through the following frequently asked questions for the answer.
For all other questions,  send email to:

When will I receive my goods?

Allow time for your order to be delivered based on the posted delivery schedule at the Entrance Page to each shop.
(Click 'Home Button' above and then click on the Shop Name to get to the shop's Entrance Page where you will find shipment schedule information) Some of the shops have a common lead time for all items, and in some shops this varies per item, in which case you will find the estimated shipping schedule for that item on the particular catalog page.  If you are in doubt,  send an email which includes which items will be on your order and your shipping address, for delivery schedule information. 

How long does it take to receive a Gift Certificate?

You can purchase Rich Emporium Gift Certificates 24hrs. a day, and have the printed Certificate in hand in 10 minutes.  Or send an email notice of your gift an instant later, and the Recipient of your gift can begin exploring the Rich Emporium shops (half the fun).  It can take up to 48 hours to activate an account, and please allow up to 5 days to send Certificate by certified mail.  See:  PRESENTING GIFT CERTIFICATES   for more information.

How to place an order:

Each catalog at the Rich Emporium is like a department in an old time department store. You may move from department to department and add items to your shopping cart as you go.  Click on the 'Add to Cart' button for each item that you wish to purchase.  At any time when you are in the Rich Emporium, you can Click the 'View Cart Button' and then go back to shopping anywhere at Rich's; or when when you are finished shopping, Click the 'View Cart Button' and proceed to 'Check Out'.  This part of the transaction is handled by PayPal.  You can use credit cards or your checking account to make  your payment on line.  One payment to Rich, and your order is placed.  Items will ship as soon as possible, (check at each shop for the time to allow for delivery).
More about PayPal
PayPal is a secure transaction processor for Rich.  When you add an item to your 'Cart', a new secure window will pop up for you to manage your shopping cart contents by using the 'Update Cart' button to change quantities or remove items; or use the 'Proceed to Checkout' button to view purchase totals and enter your payment information.  Just minimize (or X out) the pop-up window to continue shopping on the browser window that will be below it to continue shopping, and 'Add to Cart' additional items, or 'View Cart' to call it up again.  The PayPal secure site url begins with  "". Your cookies must be enabled.  Your browser must be 128 bit encryption capable.
If you are having trouble with these shopping cart buttons, or using the PayPal forms, please send an email to us describing the problem.


When you complete the ordering process using our shopping cart, an itemized Order-Confirmation/Receipt will be sent to your email address.  (sender: SUBJECT: "Receipt for your payment to Rich".)
When your shipment arrives,  there will be a Packing-List/Receipt in, or attached to, the packing.  

Order tracking

To check on an existing order, check the estimated shipping schedule, get shipper tracking numbers, etc. send email.
Also see:   Email Response time

More information about a catalog item

If you would like more information about an item that you see in the catalog,  please send an email.


Do you have an item that I can't find in the online catalog?
Often times the item that you seek may be listed under a different name; and not all items are listed in every possible category that they could fall under.  Check for different / alternate names for it.

Printed Catalog

Can I get a printed catalog?

On this web site, you will see the most up-to-date product information that is available.  Some of the catalogs are also available in print.  If you do not see a 'Buy Catalog' button in the area in which you are browsing, you may get information, and can also sign up for any email newsletters (one a month max. per category) by sending an email with 'MAILLIST5' in the subject with your name, email and postal address (or just email)  to one or more of the following addresses:

email response?/email Help

The response time to your email will vary based on seasonal business volume, staff availability, email traffic, etc.  For fastest response, make sure that your question is addressed to the correct email address.  Please include a copy of the on-going message string, and state your name in each message.
If you do not receive a response to your email within 48 hours, try sending it again; also state that you are repeating the message.  Double check that the email address is entered correctly.  Also, please check your return address on your mail server.  Your spam filters may be interfering.  We do not necessarily respond from the same email address to which you sent the question.  Also, we may not register in security systems, or send separate messages to security or spam filter robots.  Scripts, graphics, animations, attachments, etc. may interfere with our ability to receive your email; try sending the message in text only.  If you have checked the above items and have reset your system, send another email stating so. If you have sent the exact same message more than once, or if you have sent multiple messages in a very short period of time, your mail may be blocked by our system. If you realize that this may have happened, you will need to use the postal service to contact us.  Critical information can not be deemed delivered  until we have acknowledged the specific message.
If you are still having trouble, please use the Postal service.

Minimum Order

Is there a minimum size order?

Shipping and handling charges

Shipping and handling fees will be added at the time when you place your order.  You will see this in the payment screen, and in the total amount before you approve the transaction.

Back Orders

Will items be back ordered if I can't get them immediately?
We encourage our customers to order early.
If there is one, or a few items that are not ready to ship, on a larger order, we will ship immediately what we can and back-order the rest. There is no additional shipping charge on items that were delayed.  We will send an email to you stating the expected ship date, if this changes.   Items will remain on back-order and will ship as soon as possible.  To make changes to an order such as cancel a back-order or request a substitution, please send an email.

Shipping across borders

You are responsible for checking local regulation and paying all taxes, duties, etc. on shipments.  When shipping to certain areas of the world, we may require insurance or additional shipping charges.  We will let you know if this is necessary.   Or send an email to find out if we require this to your country.

Other questions

For all other questions,  send email to: