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Old Hickory Knives

Old Hickory Kitchen Knives have been favorites in the kitchen since 1899 and for good reason.  They have tempered carbon steel tool blades that take and hold an edge and brass riveted hickory wood handles that last virtually forever.  Blades should be oiled occasionally and should not be put in the dishwasher.

old hickory knives starter set 3 piece
  #FT523     3 Piece Set includes: 7 inch butcher knife, 6 inch boning knife, and 4 inch paring knife   $29.49
old hickory knives starter set 3 piece
  #FT524     5 Piece Set includes: 3 1/4 inch paring knife, 4 inch paring knife, 6 inch boning knife, 7 inch butcher knife, and 8 inch slicing knife     $59.96
old hickory steak knife set
  #FT526     Set includes  6, 5 inch steak knives  $49.99
old hickory knives cleaver
  #FT525     7 inch cleaver  $29.29
old hickory butcher knife
  #FT527     14 inch Butcher Knife  $26.89
old hickory paring knife
  #FT529     3-1/4 inch paring knife  $8.99
old hickory slicing knife
  #FT530     8 inch slicing knife  $17.79
old hickory sharpening steel
  #FT531     Sharpening steel  $39.75

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