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red monarda plant

Monarda species - Culinary, Medicinal              Also known as Bergamot, Bee Balm, Oswego Tea, Scarlet Monarda
Monarda leaves are wonderfully aromatic and are used in a variety of ways.  They are combined with China tea to create the flavor Earl Grey.  They are also used to treat stomach and urinary disorders and colic.  Monardas make a lovely addition to any garden.  The plants spread via underground trailers, rather like the mints, but not so agressively and make a bright show of blooms from June to September.  They prefer a moist, but well-drained soil  in full sun.  There are a wide variety of colors and growth patterns.

Red Monarda - Monarda didyma - Lovely red starburst blooms on sturdy stems are a magnet for bees, hummingbirds and butterflies.  The leaves have a wondfully sweet smell when bruised that is reminiscent of the Bergamot Orange.  Medicinally, the leaves are used to brew a delicious tea.      Packet  of approximately 50 planting seeds   $2.50

Red Monarda Plant   $10.00
Not available to AK,HI,CA,NV,UT,AZ,WA or outside U.S.

  Lavender - Monarda fistulosa -  Leaves have a citrus smell.  This particular variety is native to the western US and was introduced into gardens in the late 1600s.     Packet  of  approximately 100 seeds   $2.50

Lavender Monarda Plant   $10.00
Not available to AK,HI,CA,NV,UT,AZ,WA or outside U.S.

Lemon - Monarda citriodora -  Blooms are pink and purple.  Native to the southern US.    Packet  of approximately 100 seeds   $2.50 

Lemon Monarda Plant    $10.00
Not available to AK,HI,CA,NV,UT,AZ,WA or outside U.S.

  White - Monarda didyma -   Blooms are a clean snow white.     Plant  3 in pot   $10.00
Not available to AK,HI,CA,NV,UT,AZ,WA or outside U.S.

  Monarda leaves dried c/s  8oz    $7.30 

  Monarda leaves dried c/s 1lb   $11.68 

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