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Lavandula species  - Perennial - Culinary, Medicinal   (English Lavender, French Lavender, Bulgarian Lavender)
Long, tapering grey-green leaves cover string stems which end in a profusion of sweet-smelling light purple flowers. A favorite for perfumes, soaps an sachets. Medicinally, lavender has been used to prevent giddiness, (thus Jane Austen's characters would call for the lavender water when they felt faint).  The plants do best when planted in a well-drained soil in full sun.

  Packet of approximately 100 planting seeds (variety Hidcote Blue - Lavandula angustifolia - Uniform dwarf habit with deep purple blooms and grey-green foliage.  The favorite old English type lavender.  Plant height: 12in.    $2.50 

  Lavender, Hidcote Blue plant   $10.00
Not available to AK,HI,CA,NV,UT,AZ,WA or outside U.S.

 Packet of approximately 50 planting seeds   (variety Lady - Lavandula angustifolia -This type was an AAS winner in 1994. Flowers the first year from seed. Compact habit.  Plant height: 8-10in.    $2.50 

 Packet of approximately 50 planting seeds (variety Munstead -- Lavandula angustifolia - True lavender-blue flowers, earlier than most other English lavenders.  Plant height: 12-18in.    $2.50

  Lavender, Munstead plant   $10.00
Not available to AK,HI,CA,NV,UT,AZ,WA or outside U.S.

  Lavender flowers dried whole  8oz    $9.90 

  Lavender flowers dried whole  1lb   $15.84 

  Lavender flowers dried ground  8oz   $9.85 

  Lavender flowers dried ground  1lb   $15.76 

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