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Humulus lupulus - Perennial - Culinary, Medicinal
An attractive thickly growing vine, the young leaves are sometimes cooked and eaten or raw in salads or are used to make a calming tea.  Hops are dioecious (producing both male and female plants) - one of each is required to produce berries.  Male flowers are produced in long panicles and female ones are produced in short stalked axillary spikes. The female flowers produce a bitter powder and are used in making beer (they act both as a flavoring and natural preservative).  The female flowers are also used in the manufacture of cereals, mineral water, candy and puddings.   Medicinally, the flowers are dried and used to treat digestive disorders, insomnia, rheumatism, bruises, colds and intestinal parasites.   Dried flower heads are often placed in small muslin bags called 'dream pillows' and placed under the pillow at night to overcome insomnia. They are quick growing and prefer a rich loamy soil and perform best when allowed to climb on a fence or trellis in full sun.  They reach a height of 25ft. (vining)
  Packet of  approximately planting 50 seeds    $5.00 

  Hops Live Plant     $14.00
Not available to AK,HI,CA,NV,UT,AZ,WA or outside U.S.

  Hops dried flowers c/s  8oz    $6.25 

  Hops dried flowers c/s  1lb    $10.00 

  Hops dried flowers ground   8oz    $5.90 

  Hops dried flowers ground   1lb    $9.44 

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