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Aloe  species - Tender perennial or houseplant -  Culinary, Medicinal, Cosmetic
One of the easiest and most useful herbs to grow in your home for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that the plant is an excellent air cleaner - even in the dark.  The thick juicy leaves are edible, and the gelatinous sap contains an immune system stimulant.  This sap is used to treat burns, wounds and skin disorders and is a mild antibiotic.  It is also used commercially in cosmetics and other skin care products.  The yellow sap obtained from the base of the leaves is dried and used as a strong laxative.  The plant is a slow growing succulent with thick spiky leaves covered with tiny teeth.   Plants do very well on a sunny windowsill.  Outdoors in warmer climates, you may want to shield them from the hottest sun as they tend to 'sunburn', turning a bronze red.  They do well in partial or full shade. The species Aloe vera grows to a height of  about 18in., and Aloe ferox (Mexican or Cape Aloe) reaches a height of 15ft.
  Aloe vera Live Plant    $12.00
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